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Product of Israel. Region: Galilee. Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon. Alc/Vol 14% Kosher for Passover Mevushal: No. The Special Reserve Series are the winery’s flagship wines. This collection perfectly expresses the best in every harvest, from outstanding vineyard plots. From these plots, Recanati’s winemakers produce the wines that exemplify the winery, the harvest and the terroir. This series is the pride of the winery and as such ranks every year at the top of the most respected wine magazines in the world, with a score of over 90. To maintain the highest standards, Special Reserve Red is only produced from harvests of special quality and it represents the very best of both classic and Mediterranean varieties. In this way, it illustrates the winery’s vision and the precise work of our three winemakers. The first Special Reserve White harvest – from Mediterranean Roussane and Marsanne species – was in 2012, and since then the winery has continued to pursue its Mediterranean approach and vision. This wine has been awarded more than 90 points on more than one occasion and continues to justify its place as the winery’s signature white wine. Grape Variety: A blend that varies from harvest to harvest but always based on Mediterranean and classic Bordelaise varieties. Winemaking Notes: Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are destemmed and gently crushed. After fermentation in tanks and pressing, the wine is transferred to new French oak barrels. During the first months of maturation, each vineyard’s produce is kept separate. Afterwards, we hold a series of tastings to determine the right “blend” from the most outstanding barrels in every harvest. Once the right blend has been crafted, the wine is returned to the barrels where it will mature further for another 18 months. To preserve its unique flavors, the wine is bottled after coarse filtration alone and is already ready for drinking, although it will mature well in the bottle over the next decade. Special Reserve Red is the winery’s signature red wine and as such, is produced only in the best harvests. Tasting Notes: Special Reserve Red is a rich, full-bodied wine with balanced acidity allowing it to mature over many years. The wine has a bouquet of chocolate and berries, black pepper and Mediterranean spices.