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The variety of grapes used in our champagnes, the quality of the annual harvest, the selection of vintages for blends, the time spent ageing in the cellar... so many parameters and so much care add nuance to the flavours. Pommery operates according to a foundational principle: the selection of vintages that make up the blend, fused and aged over a long period of time in the cellar—and not the dosage—must be the source of the wines’ distinctive characteristics.

Brut Royal blends together nearly forty different Champagne vintages. Millésimé is made from seven 100% grands crus. Cuvée Louise, the most refined vintage, is a blend of three of the most delicate grands crus.

Blending, a key step in the production process, is completed by the Cellar Master, Clément Pierlot, with support from his oenologist team.

Working with a range of vintages, he carefully and precisely recreates, year after year, Pommery’s distinctive aroma and flavour. Thus, Pommery’s quality and style carries on.