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Batch #3 from Pelter Distillery released in a limited numbered quantity. Total of 1746 bottles. The Wash, in a joint development with Alexander Brewery, has been double distilled at our Alembic still. The whisky aged for a total of five years. The spirit aged for 4 years with his first fill bourbon from Jim Beam Distillery. After this period, the whisky was finished for 12 months in two barrels: 1. Cognac barrel from Otar Distillery, the barrel was handed over to us after it was emptied of cognac, aged in it for 30 years. 2. A barrel of brandy where Pelter Distillery's brandy aged for 8 years. The barrels were housed in a bunker located in the winery's grounds. Bottled at 53% abv Color: Delicate Amber Aromas and flavours: toasted almond, milk chocolate, butter candies, tobacco, honey nectar and citrus blossoms. The finish is long. The whisky is KOSHER by the OK.