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From field to bottle, every aspect of the creation of Grey Goose is devoted to the crafting of the world's finest-tasting vodka. With the finest French ingredients, soft winter wheat and Gensac spring water, all wedded to our unique production process, we ensure a distinctive character and unparalleled taste. Serve in a Grey Goose Le Fizz or simply on the rocks.

Taste: Grey Goose Vodka is fresh and bright, with notes of apple, bright anise and almond cream. The mouthfeel is full and rounded, perfectly balanced with sweeter elements slowly revealing themselves – with a touch of lemon balm leading to a long-lasting satisfying finish. Before bottling, Grey Goose is filtered for a final polish. The result is a refined, harmonious vodka, with beautifully balanced mouthfeel.

Country of origin: France

Alcohol by volume [% AbV]: 40

Ingredients: Neutral high strength pure wheat alcohol and demineralised water.

Seal of quality: World’s Best Tasting Vodka “A sensational, elegant drink…” 1998 Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago