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A powerful and elegant wine with a rich fruit character and notes of vanilla and roasted wood. Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels, the wine will continue to age well over time.

Yiftah Vineyard 2017 is a single-vineyard Merlot and Petit Verdot blend that expresses the long-term collaboration between Micha Vaadia, Winemaker of Galil Mountain Winery, and Doris Faran, Winegrower of Yiftah Vineyard. Micha and Doris have worked together for about a decade, focusing on improving winegrowing quality in order to directly enhance wine quality.


The quality of Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes in the 2017 harvest was particularly outstanding, with a distinctive fruit character that Micha decided to bring out in the wine in a focused and unique way. More than anything, Yiftah Vineyard 2014 expresses the distinct style and character of wines from the Upper Galilee in general, and from the Kadesh Valley in particular.



About the Unique 2017 Harvest

The winter preceding the 2017 harvest began with a heavy snowstorm that provided the grapevines with most of the cold conditions they required. During the rest of the winter there was little precipitation. At the beginning of May, a rainstorm compensated for the lack of precipitation, enabling vine arousal in moist soil. For the remainder of the season, the weather was moderate, even cooler than average, without any extreme conditions. The fruit ripened uniformly, and the harvest was of a very high quality.


About the Growing Region

Yiftah Vineyard is located in the Kadesh Valley, west of the Hula Valley. The combination of fertile soil (red clay-like) and optimal weather conditions for growing wine grapes makes the region one of Israel’s best for producing quality wines.

Altitude – 420m. above sea level

Soil – Vertisol primarily resulting from terra rossa erosion



Alcohol                       15.0%

Titratable acidity         6.0 g/L

pH                               3.49

RS                               Dr