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Menara Vineyard wine is produced from Syrah grapes grown solely in Menara Vineyard

Region: Hatzuk Vineyard is located 670 meters above sea level near the Lebanese border. The vineyard yields grapes of outstanding quality throughout the year based on a sustainable growing protocol. 


Harvest: The winter preceding the growing season was lacking in rain, but winter temperatures provided the coldness that the grapevines required. Vine bud break was good and took place at the average time of previous years. The ripening season occurred under moderate weather conditions, with the exception of one particularly warm week.
The 2017 harvest was among the Winery’s shortest, lasting only 10 weeks. The vintage shows signs of particularly good quality. 


Analyses: Alcohol 15.0%

Titratable acidity 5.6 g/L

pH 3.45 

RS Dry


Storage and Aging: Store in a cold, dark area. The wine should stay well preserved for 10 or more years from harvest if stored under proper conditions. 

Serving Temperature: Best served at 18°C (64°F).