Beet It Organic Vegetable Juice

Beet It Organic Vegetable Juice

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Bursting with flavour and a range of vibrant colours, our Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juices are certified by the Soil Association who set very high standards for the growers to meet. We often have difficulties obtaining all the ingredients that we need but we’ve persevered and the range is now wonderfully varied!

You can’t go wrong with our Organic Fruit juices – we use fresh and high quality ingredients so there’s no need to mess around with any added sugar.

Vegetable juices have been popular in Northern Europe for many years, but they’ve only caught on recently  in the UK. On the whole they are surprisingly sweet, tasty and refreshing and they’re definitely set to become a genuinely popular option for those looking to increase their veg consumption.


A lively and eclectic blend of your favourite veg. 750ml

In amongst others, a lively blend of tomato, carrot, celeriac, cucumber and beetroot with some lovage and basil.

Tomato juice (39%), carrot juice (26%), celeriac juice (17%), apple juice (10%), beetroot juice (4%), cucumber juice (3% ), lemon juice concentrate, mixed herbs (basil, parsley, lovage), dill juice – all organic.


– Suitable for vegans.